Release 13 now available

Let's celebrate a new release with an unlucky number, coming with the following improvements:

  • 'about', 'credits' and 'help' have now been defined as meta-verbs, meaning they don't increment turns in game when typing them 
  • scenery objects now identify more obvious as scenery objects, so that the player doesn't waste too much time bothering with these, other than soaking up the atmosphere they bring to the setting
  • a new section to the in-game 'help' as been added, explaining the meaning and mechanic of the manor compendium in detail
  • some references and plot hints in the game have been enhanced
  • fixed an issue with systems using Ozmoo as an interpreter: Ozmoo's darkmode clashes with color settings when a game makes use of Z-machine colors (like Ghosts does), so Ozmoo's darkmode has now been deactivated, which applies to C64, C128, Plus/4 and Mega65


The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor (Release 13) 3.2 MB
Mar 03, 2024

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Great work! I can't wait to get my physical version. I restrain from really playing it until I have it. I want the full experience. :)

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I can understand that! The orders should start shipping very soon! There was a delay because my publisher accidentally sent the wrong content to the printer. Otherwise you probably would already have your box! Anyway, it's worth the wait! Cheers!

Hello Stefan. Thank you for taking your time to answer me. Yeah, I know that there has been a slight delayment, I asked Sebastian about it. No problem though, some weeks more or less are not substantial. :)

very good