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Have you ever dreamed about a journey far beyond the known regions of the universe? Close to Vega, Olivia Lund is on the trail of one of mankind's greatest secrets and a thousand-year-old mystery. After over 200 years in hypersleep, she wakes up alone on her stranded ship, the Polaris-7. The artificial intelligence Io seems to be her only remaining friend now.


C64, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Plus/4, MSX, Amiga, Atari ST and DOS.

In addition, there is a HTML version which will run on any modern operating system with a Javascript enabled browser, while still offering the full retro experience.


Hibernated 1 is also available as a physical release with extra goodies from Poly.Play. You can order it here.


There is an addon for Hibernated 1, which was exclusive to the physical release but has been made available now for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to download it from here. Please solve Hibernated 1 first before you play it.


The game won the legendary Crash Smash award in the Crash Annual, and received an outstanding score of 87% in the Zzap!64 Annual of 2019. It also won the Reset Ripper in the famous Reset 64 magazine.


Hibernated 1: This Place is Death is following the paths of the legendary adventures from Infocom and Level 9, but it tries to meet modern era expectations, so that the most profound game genre of the 80s still works today.  


Hibernated is a text-only adventure. It works with a two-word-logic, e.g. EAT APPLE, EXAMINE CUPBOARD. The parser is capable tough to understand better forms of expression. So you could write N to go north, you could also write GO NORTH. You generally move with N(orth), S(outh), W(est), E(east) or any other direction that is written in the room description like e.g. UP or SE. You don't have to search for hidden exits, everything is clearly visible to you. A door though might be locked, which is a different cup of tea. 

The game comes with many synonyms that enhance the gameplay, e.g. EXAMINE BODY, CHECK CORPSE, INSPECT DEAD would all result in the same operation. LOOK AT is also a synonym for EXAMINE. To satisfy your expectations: corpses actually ARE objects in the game. Not only nouns have synonyms, the same counts for verbs: GET, GRAB, TAKE would all invoke the same operation. 

You can save and load your progress at any time. Type HELP in-game to learn more about disk / tape operations. 

Type REDESCRIBE if you want to read the room description again. 

Hit INVENTORY to have a look at the items you're carrying. 

The most common three operations have a short form: you can write R instead of REDESCRIBE to redescribe a room, I to check the inventory and X to EXAMINE an object. 

QUIT or STOP allows you to return to Basic. 


Type HINT to get a more or less cryptic hint how to achieve the next major goal in the game (progress-level).


* Draw a map. That's probably the most important aspect to win this game, Hibernated doesn't differ much in that from other text adventures.

* Keep your progress in mind. Hibernated is heavily based on dependencies and progress levels. You might have the right idea (verb noun combination) but the time is wrong. Just because an operation doesn't work does not necessarily mean it won't work later, e.g. why should you USE TOILET if there is no need for that? Why should you SEARCH for TOILETPAPER if you don't need it? Io sometimes gives you hints about the steps necessary for the progression. And sometimes, even the time is right, the idea is right but the place is wrong. That's also for you to consider. If you want to take a shower, you go to the bathroom. Yes, that was a metaphor.

* Examine a lot. Not only does examining give you useful hints - and think twice about what you read, Hibernated comes also with a lot of hilarious jokes and references. So be sure to examine everything, including the objects you carry and encounter as you might be otherwise missing most of the fun.

* Searching rooms is not a thing, e.g. SEARCH AREA. Searching an object though is fine, e.g. SEARCH CUPBOARD.

* Use a shortcut. On the alien ship you can type anytime GO POLARIS to get back to the Polaris-7 with skipping all the rooms in-between. You will need to go back quite a few times so this is a VERY handy feature. The feature won't work if you're not wearing your space suit as that would result in a gameplay paradoxon. Also it makes sense in a logical context. When you're in outer space you're not only wearing your old worn-out underpants.

* This game does not contain any references to Colossal Cave Adventure. Ok, there might be at least one in.

* Don't die. There is JUST ONE situation in the game where you can actually die and it is not very hard to guess how that might be achieved. If you manage to die in that one situation, you probably might want to consider to not play any adventure game in the future.


A solution for Hibernated 1 is available at CASA.


Hibernated 1 is (c) 2018 Stefan Vogt and Pond Software Ltd.


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Hibernated 1 (C64 & Plus/4) - R17 141 kB
Hibernated 1 (ZX Spectrum) - R17 76 kB
Hibernated 1 (Amstrad CPC) - R17 249 kB
Hibernated 1 (MSX) - R17 43 kB
Hibernated 1 (Amiga) - R17 109 kB
Hibernated 1 (Atari ST) - R17 239 kB
Hibernated 1 (DOS) - R17 35 kB
Hibernated 1 (HTML) - R17 474 kB

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Stefan, first of all, thanks for your time and effort to bring a nice text adventure nowadays. Although I just finished it (including the add-on as well) recently, I have to say that despite the old two-word logic (which for experienced adventurers was odd till you get the hang of it), it was enjoyable with some nice puzzles included. The story was interesting too, including the addition of Io and the interaction between Olivia and it.

It's nice to hear that Hibernated 2 is under development (I guess), and a third part will finish this nice space trilogy.

The only downfall is the saving/loading routine. Even if you install the game on hard disk, it still searches for the floppy disk to save. There was a fix for the Amiga version of course, but hope later adventures will be able to run and save from a hard disk (I don't know if that's a limitation of DAAD).

Already supported of course by buying the physical copy of the game.

(1 edit)

Ouch, I must have missed your message for some reason. Yes, that's a DAAD limitation. Cheers and thank you so much for your support!

Hi Stefan,

I have the html-version. How do I load a saved game? When I close the browser and open it again, the slots are always empty.



That‘s a browser issue. You need to check your privacy settings. Also, which Browser are you using? And which version? We know that Edge for example has massive issues 

I tried it with chrome, safari and firefox 77.0.1 64 bit. Unfortunately still not possible :-(
Is it a cookie-issue? I had the same problems with rabenstein, but that was a short game so it didn't matter.

Looks good! Any chance of a Next port? 😉

(1 edit)

The game can be played without issues on the Next. In fact, the Next Team and I have teamed up some time ago and Hibernated is already in the list of games that came with your Next, so you even won’t need to download it from here :)

Awsome! I’ll get straight on that. I really enjoyed Curse if Rabenstein too :D

(1 edit)

just got done playing this. had a great time with it. I often think about the subject you've presented and its a plausible possibilty in my mind. I've never done a text adventure before but it was a great intro for me. Looking forward to your others. 

Thank you so much, I‘m glad you liked it :)

I just love the game and the atmosphere.

I bought the physical version for my C64 at polyplay.xyz and I look forward playing any successor titles :-) So please support Stefan so he can do more such awesome games in the future.

@Stefan: Just one thing plz. Isn't it possible to override savegames? When using an existing savegame filename it will cause an error message.

That's a limitation of the C64 filesystem itself, so for the moment it is not possible. You might want to play Eight Feet Under, which is an addon for Hibernated 1, if you haven't already. Cheers!

This is a great game! Any chance for you to make a version with graphics in it like you did in the Curse of Rabenstein? That would be an awesome upgrade. I think it would be OK if it needs to load up the graphics every now and then. If you have every played the C64 game Mindfighter, then that's the kind of graphics I'm thinking about. Would add loads of atmosphere into an already great game. Keep up the good work! 

The Hibernated series will remain text only unfortunately, which kinda is my trademark. With Rabenstein I intentionally tried to create a graphic adventure. I‘m glad you like it! Cheers 

Hey I've received the Atari ST game Stefan. I cannot wait to open the box and see what's inside!! Thank you :)

Just finished the game. Loved it  - played the C64 version. You got me stumped there two or three times, but I can't say any of the puzzles are way too complicated (except where the parser requires "eat" instead of a simple "use" perhaps). The atmosphere is pretty good too - certainly reminiscent of popular game culture. The opening kind of reminds me of Level 9's "Snowball". 

Congratulations on the use of DAAD parser - being Portuguese the Aventuras AD titles (or Spanish text adventures in general) played a big part in my imaginary. Of course the story of how supposedly Andrés Samudio (head of AD) was left hanging by Tim Gilberts is very interesting on its own - there's a "recent" interview - by Karnevi  that tells the story (from Samudio's perspective). 

Also added the game to the Interactive Fiction Database - please alter the details as you see fit, of course - here's the link.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

(2 edits)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The C64 version got a 87% score in the recent Zzap!64 annual, I'm glad there is so much appreciation. You may be excited to know that there is a physical, boxed release coming in early December via Poly.Play, containing feelies and also coming with "Eight Feet Under", a standalone Hibernated 1 Addon. The opening actually is a homage to Infocom's "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". I never played Snowball but I acquired the trilogy some months ago and promised myself I'll catch up soon. Yes, Tim Gilberts was my mentor in this. We know each other very well. With the blessing of Andrés Samudio we fully recovered DAAD Adventure Writer recently. You can find it here.

Very enjoyable game - it reminds of old times. I'd like to see a score counter and a more helpful hint system, though...

Thanks for playing the game. In case you’re stuck, there is a solution up on CASA

Thank you very much for the info and keep up your good work.


Excellent writing, lots to explore, and plenty of puzzles that will challenge you though not drive you mad. Get playing ...

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm glad you like it :) 


Excellent !!