The Curse of Rabenstein out!

What a ride the development of this game has been and now the day has come to share it with the world. Initially, I planned to release the digital version right after the first boxes arrived in the hands of those wonderful individuals that preordered Rabenstein. These are crazy times though and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, my publisher still waits for the SD cards, coming from China and causing a currently unpredictable delay until the game ships. We hope it's just a matter of one or two weeks, but you never know. Now we are in a situation where people are forced to stay home and many of you waited for the game to arrive mid-March. I decided the best thing would be to release Rabenstein now digitally so you all may enjoy a few casual hours while in quarantine. 


PS:  Please consider ordering the boxed Edition from my publisher!


Rabenstein - C64 & Plus/4 185 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - CPC & Spectrum +3 146 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - Spectrum ESXDOS 29 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - Spectrum Next 121 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - Amiga 304 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - Atari ST 165 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - DOS 148 kB
23 days ago
Rabenstein - modern PC 591 kB
23 days ago

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You Rock Stefan!

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