Rabenstein - Point and Click Edition is out!

I am finally able to present you the anticipated C64 40th Anniversary (Point and Click) Edition of Rabenstein. It can be played with mouse or joystick and thus differs significantly from the parser driven original game. Featuring wonderful SID tunes by René aka Peacemaker, it's a great homage honoring the heritage of the Commodore 64 that turns 40 this year. Development of this version was done by Sönke Wolfgramm. He also translated the content to German, so that you are free to choose which language you prefer. 

Special thanks to Stephan Lesch for all his support in porting Rabenstein to the D42 Adventure System. Enjoy! 

You may also pre-order the physical edition which is going to be released on cartridge and disk for both English and German language https://www.polyplay.xyz/?suche=Rabenstein+-+Point&lang=eng


Rabenstein - C64 Point and Click Edition (English/German) 207 kB
Jul 22, 2022

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Thanks for taking the time to develop this point and click version with soundtrack!  Just an FYI, it doesn't load on NTSC.  I only get drive load errors, unless I run in my emulator with PAL selected.

Awesome game!

Yay! Glad you like it <3


Hi, I can't install this within the Itch client. Is this maybe caused by some faulty parameters? Thanks for taking a look!


This won't work with the itch client. You need to download the disk image and play it on a real C64 or a C64 emulator. Hope this helps! 

I own the boxed version and very much enjoyed playing it on my TheC64 Maxi. 

The music of this version is just perfect! Alas I have to admit that I prefer the "classic" non-p&c controls (I find them much more efficient). Is there a chance the classic C64-version can be updated to feature the great soundtrack too?

I can look into that but I don't have much hope for it since the system that was used to develop the classic parser version doesn't support SID tunes. Let me check this. If so, I'll do it of course :) 

And thank you for your support! 

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Thank you very much Stefan. :)