Rabenstein now available in Spanish language

Thanks to the endless effort of my buddy J.A. Rubio, The Curse of Rabenstein is now available in Spanish language. I had it resting on my hard disk for some time now. So apologies to everyone who's been waiting for it longer than expected. I am currently very busy with my day job and finishing The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor as well as the long anticipated Hibernated 2, so between sleepless nights and endless days, I just found little time to release the Spanish Rabenstein version into the wild. Special thanks also go out to my Spanish brother from another mother Uto. He was heavily involved in making the Spanish versions become reality and assisted with all his knowledge in terms of making the mess of the code I wrote some years ago compile again. I think there is nothing left to say. Oh wait, there is. 

Que comience tu aventura!


Rabenstein - SPANISH - all Systems 2 MB
Feb 18, 2023

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Lo jugué y terminé en inglés, y lo he vuelto a jugar y terminar en español, en su versión spectrum, ahora con gráficos coloridos a media pantalla. Estupenda traducción, muy inmersiva, hecha con gusto y detalle. Eso sí, se me ha hecho igual de corta que su versión inglesa. A ver para cuando un Rabenstein II !!!!

gracias,por fin en español,le tenia ganas