Release 10 is now available!

I've just published release 10 of Hibernated 1 Director's Cut. It addresses a minor issue which rarely could happen while playing the game, even though I fortunately never got a report for it. The most prominent change is that the Atari 8-bit version has a two disk interpreter now which many might remember back from the day. It comes with the advantage of splitting the story file onto two disks, so that the general constraints of Atari disks no longer affect the game design, making it possible in the future to publish full featured games with 128k of content on the Atari 8-bit. I hope this gives you an idea where Hibernated 2 is heading to. For Hibernated 1, it doesn't change much other than it definitely looks a bit nicer and generally the interpreter is quite performant. Stay safe out there! 


Hibernated 1 (Director's Cut) Release 10 5.1 MB
Dec 27, 2021

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For the Atari 8-bit, you could also consider a bank-switched cartridge format to go even further in size. Ditto for requiring larger floppy and/or hard disk for data files. Either of those would still run on original hardware, or with ease in emulators.

very good