Hibernated 1 - MS-DOS update

I just pushed a nice update to the MS-DOS port of Hibernated 1, as I were not really satisfied with the look of the initial release. Here is what has been modified:

  • the DOS port now makes use of ANSI escape codes for font colouring
  • LOADCOL.ANS and UNCOL.ANS added for loading / unloading bright green font colour
  • added ANSI.COM v1.3 (C)1988 Michael J. Mefford, as a fallback when no ANSI.SYS is loaded
  • heavily updated the HIBDEATH batch file to make use of the latest improvements

This is for all you brave DOS lovers out there. Enjoy! 


Hibernated 1 (MS-DOS) - R12 50 kB
Jul 10, 2018

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